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IBM Chips - IBM Multi-Layer Sheets from Modules

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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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Other number P4026


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Black and white. This is a photograph of 6 white pages, two small white square pages, and a chip next to a closeup of a pencil tip to show scale. On verso reads "FOR RELEASE: April 29, 1980 FROM: IBM Corporation, Data Systems Division, East Fishkill Facility, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533, Jack Butler (914) 897-3318 MULTI-LAYER SHEETS FORM MODULES: A magnified cross-section of a 50 millimeter multi-layer ceramic (MLC) circuit module is shown with some of the ceramic sheets used to fabricate the module, which is used in IBM 4300 processors. A metal paste is screen printed onto the 185 millimeter square sheets, forming various functional types of conductive patterns. A complex fabrication process then laminates the sheets to form scale integrated (LSI) logic and array chips in the 4300 processors. Modules, capped and uncapped, are shown at the bottom. Dr. Albert J. Blodgett, Jr., until recently with IBM's Data Systems Division, described the module design and fabrication processes at the Electronic Components Conference April 29, 1980 in San Francisco, California. Dr. Blodgett is currently manager of the Manufacturing Research Laboratory located at IBM's Yorktown Research Center".


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


Computer industry--History; Computers--History; Electronic data processing--History


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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