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A Public Discussion on the National Science Foundation's Large-Scale Computing Research Efforts for the Future, lecture by Peter Freeman et al.

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From the abstract: "This gathering, programmed by the NSF's Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Advisory Committee, will feature an open session of research projects of interest to NSF, the advisory committee and the public. NSF has historically supported seminal computing research in small projects. Since the beginning of the its IT Research Program in 2000, the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate of the NSF has funded a number of larger scale efforts that are already having major impact. Presentations will highlight work on optical-network based computing, sensor networks, and cyber security and privacy. The presentations will focus on outlining both the fundamental research results and some of the possible applications and extensions that will be of interest to industry.Members of the NSF's Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering Advisory Committee who are expected to be in attendance include: Dr. Alfred V. Aho, Columbia University; Annie Anton, Professor, Purdue University; Randy Bryant, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University; Dr. Vint Cerf, Google; Dr. Peter Chen, Louisiana State University; William J. Dally, Professor, Stanford University; Deborah Estrin, Professor, UCLA; David J. Farber, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University; Dwight A. Gourneau, Professor, NAMTech, Inc.; Barbara J. Grosz, Professor, Harvard University; Marti Hearst, Professor, University of California-Berkeley; Elizabeth R. Jessup, Professor, University of Colorado; John L. King, Professor, University of Michigan; Dr. Maria M. Klawe, Princeton University; Dr. Daniel T. Ling, Microsoft Research; Dr. Antonio Lopez, Xavier University - New Orleans; Joseph O'Rourke, Professor, Smith College; Rosalind W. Picard, Professor, MIT Media Lab; Mr. Patrick Scaglia, Professor, HP Laboratories; Fred B. Schneider, Professor, Cornell University; Marc Snir, Professor, Head of Department of Computer Science; Dr. Alfred Z. Spector, IBM Research Division; Dr. David Tennenhouse, Research Intel Corporation; Dr. Telle Whitney, Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology; Margaret Wright, Professor, New York University; Bryant W. York, Professor, Portland State University and Ellen Zegura, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology."




Freeman, Peter (speaker); Smarr, Larry (speaker); Estrin, Deborah (speaker); Sastry, Shankar (speaker); Boneh, Dan (speaker); Dill, David (speaker)


Computer History Museum

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Mointain View, CA, US





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