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H.E. Lopeman, C.E. Carter, and W.L. Huffman working on the ILLIAC I computer

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This is a black and white image of three men working on the ILLIAC I computer system. The system consists of an oscilloscope unit with automatic camera, Memotron tube, auxiliary drum memory, ILLIAC I, photoelectric input and output punch. The men identified from left to right on the image is H.E. Lopeman, C.E. Carter, and W.L. Huffman. The two men on the left are wearing glasses, white shirts, and pants. The man on the right is wearing a jacket. Light is coming from the ceiling and from the direction of the camera. Written on verso side of image in pencil is "Illiac I with perm. doors with drum with console without camera". Typed on verso side on the top left of image is "FILE COPY - DO NOT REMOVE Left to Right H.E. Lopeman C.E. Carter W.L. Huffman" and "Units, left to right oscilloscope unit with automatic camera memotron tube Auxiliary drum memory ILLIAC Photoelectric Input Output Punch". Written in pencil on left side of verso side of image is "#1436" and in black pen on the top edge is "195(4-5-6) F".


Illinois, University of (Urbana-Champaign)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 1436


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


Carter, Clifford E.; Electronic data processing--History; Computer industry--History; Computers--History; Illiac I (Computer)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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