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NASA's Mobile Research Facility (MRF) vehicle

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Still Image


1991 ca.


SETI Institute; NASA Ames Research Center

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Other number AC92-0421-2


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


This is a color image of a white 18 wheel truck on a parking lot with the NASA logo and the words "MOBILE RESEARCH FACILITY" written on the side. There are two men standing working around the truck. This is a daytime photo with the sun coming from directly overhead. Written on the large label on the verso side is "The Mobile Research Facility (MRF), which played a major role in the Targeted Search portion of NASA's defunct High Resolution Microwave Survey (HRMS), popularly known as SETI, the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. Designed by NASA engineer Jeff Logan, the MRF was built by Diamond B Corporation of Los Angeles, Calif., at a cost of about $400,000. The 30-foot long MRF was comprised of three parts: a trailer, shelter and tractor designed to fit into a Military Airlift Command (MAC) C-141 aircraft. The MRF acted as an electromagnetic shield for some $5 million worth of electronic equipment that was housed inside the shelter during the brief period in the early 1990s when NASA conducted searches for microwave radio emission from extraterrestrial civilizations.". Written on the smaller label is "NASA provided the shelter portion of the MRF on a long term loan to the SETI Institute for use in Project Phoenix. the MRF shelter and the expanded search system operated at the Parkes Observatory in Australia, the 140 foot telescope of NRAO Green Bank, WV, and the Arecibo Observatory.". Written on the verso side of image at the bottom right corner is "AC92-0421-2".


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


SETI Institute; NASA Ames Research Center


Gift of the SETI Institute

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