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Standing behind TX-0 computer console from left to right: Gordon Bell and Professor Kenneth N. Stevens with students and the TX-0 computer at MIT.

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Cambridge, MA, US

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Other number 25.228


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


This is a black and white image of Professor Kenneth Stevens and Gordon Bell with staff members and graduate students around the TX-0 computer at MIT. There are six men pictured in the image and are wearing white shirts. Gordon Bell is standing behind the TX-0 console resting his arms. Professor Stevens is speaking. All are facing away from the camera. One man is sitting down next to the computer console and the others are standing. The man on the far left is looking at a printout from printer. Light is coming from the overhead as well as from the windows. Written in pencil on verso side is "MIT Museum TX-0 computer". Stamped on verso side in blue lettering is "Credit: The MIT museum". Typed on the photocopy sheet that is on verso side of image is
"2nd Century Fund
Prof. Stevens
and TX-0 Computer
Building 26
February 1960, Bob Lyon #131
Kenneth N. Stevens, prof. of electrical engineering, with graduate students and members of the staff discusses research on speech analysis by means of TX-0 computer shown in photo. The research is designed to gain further basic information about speech sounds for the development of improved communications systems. The TX-0 is housed in the Karl T. Compton Building.". Also written on the photocopy is "MIT-Computers TX-0" with MIT-Computers underlined.


Publicity photograph; Identification photograph


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)--History; Stevens, Kenneth N.; TX-0 (Computer); Bell, Gordon


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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