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Intel 80386 25 MHz inside SYP302 IBM PC AT compatible system

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This is a color image of of an IBM PC AT compatible system with the Intel 80386 processor against a dark background. The computer includes full size white keyboard, color CRT monitor, and mouse. The monitor is sitting on top of the computer. The monitor screen has several windows open showing clock, calculator, calendar, paint program, and a drive directory. The mouse is on the left side of the computer. There is a red flower with green leaves in a vase on the left side of the computer as well. The computer also has a half size 5 1/4 in. floppy disk drive. Light is coming from the direction of the camera. Written on verso side of image in black pen is "P3238". A written summary for this image is "Running at 25 MHZ, the Intel 80386 based SYP302 offers OEM's state-of-the-art performance in a PC AT compatible design. A 64K Byte cache provides effective 0 wait execution, without the high cost of fast access main memory. Memory capacity is extensive, beginning with 4M Bytes on-board, expandable to 24M Bytes vis two 32-bit expansion slots, Additionally, the SYP302 is designed to pass FCC B and VDE B levels of EMI/RFI regulations, a significant test at 25 MHz...". Additional portions of this text is available on the data specifications sheet under accession 102652286.


1988 ca.


Intel Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Other number P3238


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Publicity photograph; Identification photograph


Intel Corporation; Microprocessors; Intel 386 series (Microprocessor)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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