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50 pin amphenol

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Reader into reader logic socket wiring; Typewriter into typewriter logic socket wiring; 4113 Inverters PDP-1C; MEM Cable SA-MB; High speed channel option; Mem. Ext. Type 15 Transfer & selection pulses to Bay 2; MA to MEM, MB to MEM 170; mul & div option; MA Mixer high speed channel control type 19; HSBM --- type 170 memory system; memory type 170 high speed buffer mixer inputs; SBS 20; Type 20 SBS; Mem. Ext. Type 171 & 15 Transfer & Selection pulses to bay 1; Mem. Ext. Type 171 & 15 Transfer & Selection pulses to bay 2; Memory Type 170 Sense AMP Output; Memory Type 170 (16K) Address Inhibit; Memory Type 170 Memory Extension Sense AMP Inputs; Memory Type 170 High Speed Buffer Mixer Inputs; Tape Control 51 PDP-1C interface; Display 30A; MBD - IOT (4113 Inverters); 1-H Right MUL & DIV Option; 2-J Right MUL & DIV Option; PDP-1 Interface for Display 30G; Cable from PDP-1 to Data Control type 131 #1; Reader to Reader Logic Cable;




Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number A-170ABCD-0-18
Other number A-170ABCD-0-19
Other number A-170ABCD-0-20
Other number A-170ABCD-0-21
Other number A-170ABCD-0-31
Other number A-20047
Other number A-20052
Other number A-20056
Other number A-20094
Other number A-20097
Other number A-20306
Other number A-21006
Other number A-21007
Other number A-21308
Other number A-21310
Other number A-21411
Other number A-21412
Other number A-21605
Other number A-21606
Other number Dwg No. A-20304



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PDP-1 Computer Materials

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