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Cray computer at the Westinghouse's Energy Center

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Still Image


1987 ca.


Voron, Jerry; Lobaugh, Tom

Place of Publication

Monroeville, Pa., U.S.


4 1/4 x 6 in.


Photographic print

Copyright Holder

Voron, Jerry


This is a color image postcard of four smaller images juxtaposed together to fit on a single print. The top left image is a panaoramic and fisheye view of the Energy Center building. Light is coming from the sun on the left side of the image. There are three flagpoles flying in front of the building and there are trees and a circular paved walkway. The top right image shows two men sitting down next to rows of computer monitors and keyboards. This is the network operations centering. The men are facing away from the camera. Light is coming from the back of the room. The bottom left image is a fisheye view of a room filled with computer magnetic tape machines. There are two men in the room. Light is coming from the overhead ceiling lights. The bottom right figure is a black and gray colored CRAY 1 computer in the Energy Center. Labeled on the CRAY is "CRAY-1/1300". There are other computers in the background. Light is coming from the overhead ceiling lights. Written on the verso side of postcard is "Westinghouse Electric Corporation's major computer operations at the Energy Center in Monroeville, Pa. These computer facilities are operated by Westinghouse Corporate Computer Services and represent one of the most powerful concentrations of computers in the world." There is a graphic symbol showing 1-4 quadrants with each quadrant representing a picture. The description reads "1. A panoramic view of the Energy Center. 2. The network operations center which monitors access to the computers from over 10,000 users around the world. 3. A view of the business computer area showing various magnetic tape units. 4. One of three CRAY supercomputers in the Energy Center." The rest of the text on the postcard reads "Photographs by Tom Lobaugh and Jerry Voron" which has a copyright symbol preceding it and "Post Card". There is a Place Stamp Here" box on the top right of verso side of image and "1-87" at the bottom left of verso side of image.


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph; Fisheye photograph; Montage; Panoramic view


Computers--History; Computer industry--History; Westinghouse Electric Corporation; Cray 1 (Computer); Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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