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Images comparing IBM 370/168, DEC PDP-6, and Honeywell 6180

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Still Image


8 1/2 x 11 in.


Photographic print

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John Francis


This is a sheet of four separate colors images comparing three different computer systems; IBM 370/168, Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-6, and Honeywell 6180. The top left image is of an IBM 370/168 computer sitting on a desk with other equipment nearby. The image is fairly dark except with light shining on the IBM 370. The caption below the image states "IBM 370/168". The top right image is of the same IBM 370/168 computer but at a different angle. This image is more of a direct view of the computer system. The surrounding area in this image is fairly dark except in the center where the light is coming directly above the computer. The caption below the image states "IBM 370/168. The bottom left image is of the Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-6 computer with associated components which are sitting in a room. Some equipment is on a desk while some are standing on the floor. The image is fairly blurry. The light source is coming from the overhead ceiling lights. The caption below the image is "Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-6".The bottom right image is of the Honeywell 6180. Most of the image is dark except for the light coming the overhead ceiling lights which is shining directly on the front panel of the computer panels for the Honeywell 6180. The caption below the image is "Honeywell 6180". At the bottom right of the sheet is the statement "All images copyright John Francis". There is a copyright logo is also shown.


Identification photograph; Publicity photograph


Computer industry--History; PDP-6 (Computer); IBM 370/168 (Computer); Computers--History; Electronic data processing--History; Honeywell 6180 (Computer)


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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