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IBM RISC - People working on IBM RT 6150 model 20 personal computers

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This is a black and white image of three people sitting down at their desks in an office. All three people have IBM personal computers on their desks. The lady in the foreground has an IBM RT 6150 model 20 on the floor and monitor on her desk. There is a two-button mouse near her right hand. She is dressed in business attire and is facing away from the camera looking at a man sitting down. The man she is looking at is wearing a suit and smiling back at her. There is another man in the background with his back away from the camera working at his desk. The light is coming from overhead. The press release sheet that is taped on verso side of image states "FOR RELEASE: Immediate FROM: IBM Corporation Information Systems Group 900 King Street Rye Rock, NY 10573 PERSONAL AND MULTI-USER WORKSTATION FOR TECHNICAL PROFESSIONALS: The IBM RT Personal Computer 6150 model 20, a floor-standing unit, shown under the desk, is one of four models of IBM's new line of high-speed, 32-bit workstations. The line is the company's first to permit standalone workstations to perform complex tasks-- such as airplane, automobile and circuit design-- normally done by large computers. Large "virtual" memory and new IBM operating system software allow up to eight users -- seven on local or remote terminals and one on an RT PC -- to simultaneously share an RT PC without concern about the size of their programs or of memory. ISG 002 01/21/86". Verso side of image also has writing in black ink at the top left corner which is "P4029".


1986 ca.


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Identifying Numbers

Other number P4029


8 x 10 in.


Photographic print


Publicity photograph; Identification photograph


IBM 6150/20 (Computer); IBM computers--History; International Business Machines Corporation (IBM); IBM computers; Computers--History


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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