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Apple II computer advertisement tearsheet with Benjamin Franklin impersonator

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Still Image


11 x 8.5 in.


Photographic print


This is a color advertisement tearsheet for the Apple II computer. It is a montage of two images plus text and the multicolored Apple logo. The larger image at the top of the sheet is of Benjamin Franklin impersonator in his study room looking at a small color television screen on his desk. This image is somewhat dark with the light source coming from the television screen and highlighting the character of Benjamin Franklin. The Apple II and 5 1/4 in. disk drive are on the desk beside the television screen. There is about 240 words of advertising text describing the Apple computer on this tearsheet. The caption on this advertisement is "What kind of man owns his own computer?". The Apple Computer address is listed as "Apple Computer, 10260 Bandley Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014". There is a smaller inset image at the bottom center of the sheet of a person smiling, wearing a business suit, and carrying an Apple brochure. The multicolored Apple logo appears at the bottom of the sheet.


Other: See Description; Reproductive print; Montage; Publicity photograph; Identification photograph


Apple Computer, Inc.; Apple II (computer)


Gift of CHM AppleLore

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