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Apple Computer advertisement

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11.5 x 8.5 in.


Photographic print

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Apple Computer, Inc.


This is a color advertisement tearsheet for the Apple II computer. It is a montage of two images plus text and the multicolored Apple logo. The larger image at the top of the sheet shows three adults (1 woman, 2 men) and a boy in a store. The boy is hitting the keyboard while looking at a television screen. The television screens displays a music sheet with notes. Two adults are smiling at the child. The other adult is writing in his checkbook. There are two desks shown each with an Apple II and a 5 1/4 in. disk drive along with a monitor or a television. There are about 288 words of advertising text describing the Apple computer on this tearsheet with the multicolored Apple logo at the bottom right edge of the sheet. The caption on this advertisement is "How to buy a personal computer". There is a smaller inset image at the bottom left edge of the sheet of a person smiling, wearing a business suit, and carrying an Apple brochure. Most of the background is white or off white with the furniture and people adding to the colors. The light source seems to come directly from above the people and furniture.


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Apple Computer, Inc.; Apple II (computer)


Gift of CHM AppleLore

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