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Goldberg, Jay oral history

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Jay Goldberg reviews his personal life and initial work at Bulova, IBM, Union Carbide and Auerbach. With his programming experience he and a partner started SDA to provide programming services to companies in the New York area. Over the years, and after some initial tough financial times, the company grew steadily and eventually Jay become the primary owner of the company. Venturing into software products businesses turned out to be a distraction and used up quite a bit of the company's earnings. After extensive geographic expansion, SDA was sold to AGS. Jay stayed on for two years after the sale. Jay discusses in some detail his experiences at ADAPSO and what he learned from and contributed to the trade association. He then discusses the other businesses that he either bought or started, including Money Management Systems, Zeitech, Image Business Systems, OpCenter and Lexstra Ltd. He reviews the Hudson Venture Funds that he has started with various partners and the investments that were made by the two funds. He closes by commenting on his charitable activities with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Diabetes Research Institute and the New York University School of Arts and Sciences.




Garcia, Christopher, Cameraperson
Goldberg, Jay, Interviewee
Grad, Burt, Interviewee


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California

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Other number OHP 223


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Software business history; Goldberg, Jay; Acquisitions; AGS; Applications; Auerbach; ADAPSO; Financing: Geographic Expansion; Hudson Venture Funds; IBM; IBS; Image Business Systems; Schoenberg, Larry; Money Management Systems; Professional Services; Programming; SDA; Selling SDA; Selling services; Hanover, Seth; Software Design Associates; Ashkinos, Stan; Union Carbide; Zeitech

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Oral history collection

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