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Shulman, Fred oral history

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Grad, Burt, Editor
Grad, Burt, Interviewer
Shulman, Fred, Interviewee

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

43 p.


After getting his BS degree from the University of Maryland, Fred Shulman joined Sperry Univac as a systems programmer. He then worked for Raytheon and for Advanced Technology Systems where he later became an independent contractor. He saw an opportunity to bring in other programmers for a project at American Satellite and decided to form his own company, COMSYS. He initially partnered with Katherine Griffin and shortly afterward, Howard Stein became a partner in the business and they started serving other clients with independent contractor services. Shulman describes the marketing and recruiting process that the company followed and their pricing of the services. He talks about the drastic impact that the Section 1706 rules had on COMSYS, the forming of NACCB and how he was able to re-orient his business to get back to a growth mode. He discusses selling the company and then starting AETEA, a similar brokerage-oriented professional services business. He concludes with a brief review of Trilogy, his current company in the independent contractor professional services area.




Shulman, Fred; Sperry Univac Corporation; Shulman, Harvey; Raytheon Corporation; Advanced Technology Systems; Griffin, Katherine; Amtrak; COMSYS; Stein, Howard; Pricing of services; American Satellite; NACCB; Section 1706; ADAPSO; independent contractor; Internal Revenue Service; Recruiting of Consultants; AETEA; Trilogy

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Oral history collection

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