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Dreyer, Jerry (Jerome L.) oral history

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Jerome L. Dreyer, commonly called Jerry, who for nineteen years was the executive director (later president) of ADAPSO, reviews the evolution and growth of what was the most significant trade association in the computer software and services industry at the time. He describes the growth from a somewhat local group of service bureaus to a Washington-based organization which included software products, professional services and remote processing services companies in addition to systems integrators and Value-Added-Resellers. He describes how the litigative actions initiated by ADAPSO gave its small member companies time to establish themselves against banks and accounting firms who were competing for these services and products. ADAPSO was also able to play a significant role in delaying or preventing IBM's anti-competitive actions in the software and services arena. He points out the contributions made by a number of the organization's volunteer leaders and by the ADAPSO staff. He closes the interview by briefly describing his activities since leaving ADAPSO.




Dreyer, Jerry, Interviewee
Haigh, Thomas, Editor
Haigh, Thomas, Interviewer
Jerger, Douglas, Editor


Computer History Museum

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Pittsburgh, PA


69 p.




Software business history; Conferences; Presidents' Roundtables; Schoenberg, Larry; Sturtevant, Dave; Grkavac, Olga; International Conferences; Welke, Larry; Imlay, John P.; Crandall, Rick; Guise, Robert; Association Dues; Software Industry Association; Remote Processing Services Section; Data Centers; Service Bureaus; AISC; Software Publishing Association (SPA); Wasch, Ken; CCIA; EDS; Perot, Ross; Tymshare, Inc.; Comshare; IBM; Dun & Bradstreet; Information Industry Association; Weissman, Robert; Computer Services Industry; Grad, Burt; Banking Firms; Accounting Firms; ICP; Million Dollar Awards; O'Rourke, Thomas J.; World Congress; CBEMA; EDIA; Palenski, Ron; ADAPSO; Dreyer, Jerome; Dreyer, Jerry; Goldstein, Bernard; Lautenberg, Frank; Evans, Robert; Wessel, Milton; IBM; ADP; Sales tax; Farewell, Tom

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Oral history collection

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