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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) workshop : technology in the 1980s and 1990s

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Blasgen, Michael W., Participant; Editor
Bohl, Marilyn, Participant
Capek, Peter G., Historian
Chamberlin, Donald, Participant
Codd, Sharon, Participant
Date, Chris J., Participant
Grad, Burt, Moderator
Harrington, Roy, Participant
Held, Jerry, Participant
Jacobs, Ken, Participant
Lindsay, Bruce, Participant
Mahoney, Michael, Historian
Phillips, Jan, Participant
Schuster, Stewart A., Participant
Strickland, Jim, Participant
Zloof, Moshe, Participant

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

32 p.

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Computer History Museum


A group of relational database technology pioneers from Oracle, Informix, Sybase and Ingres discuss the technology advances made by their companies during the late 1970s through the 1990s. They discuss the major new technological problems which they had to deal with including the need to improve performance particularly for OLTP applications and for complex queries. There is a lengthy discussion of the role played by the various standards committees, both domestic and international. There is also a discussion on security issues and on other database models which were developed.




ANSI DB Standards Committee; Blasgen, Michael; Bohl, Marilyn; Britton-Lee; Chamberlin, Don; CODASYL Database Technical Group; Codd, Sharon; Codd, E.F. (Ted); Data Types; Date, C.J. (Chris); DB2; DEC VAX/VMS; Entity-Relationship Models; Epstein, Bob; Grad, Burt; Gray, Jim; Harrington, Roy; Held, Jerry; IBM; Illustra; Informix Software; Ingres Corporation; ISO; Jacobs, Ken; Lindsay, Bruce; Object Databases; Oracle; Parallel Query; QUEL; Referential Integrity; Schuster, Stu; Security Issues; Sequel 86 Standard; SQL; Stonebraker, Michael; Strickland, Jim; Sun Computers; Sybase; Tandem Computer; Teradata; TP1 Benchmark; TPC Benchmark; UC Berkeley; UNIX; Zloof, Moshé

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Interest Group

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