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National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB) plenary session : activities after Section 1706

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In a Plenary session all of the participants discussed the issues other than Section 1706 which were important to NACCB members, such as the overtime and sales tax issues. The participants discussed the organization of NACCB as an association of local associations, and the culture of freely sharing information, such as through an annual operating survey, and a shared legal defense fund and body of form contracts, which were major attractions of joining the organization, There was also a discussion of issues on which NACCB joined with other associations to lobby on certain issues important to both organizations.




Bugos, Glenn, Historian
Cassell, David R., Participant
Chamberlain, John W., Participant
Cronister-Ross, Jane, Participant
Evans, Randal, Participant
Gentry, Grace, Participant
Gentry, Grace, Editor
Gentry, Richard, Participant
Grad, Burt, Moderator
Greenburg, Dan, Participant
Hahn, Jonathan, Participant
Hicks, David, Participant
Johnson, Luanne, Participant
Kenda, Steve, Participant
Murphy, Phyliss, Participant
Nordemo, Bjorn Einar, Participant
Ross, James, Participant
Schachter, Oscar H., Editor
Shulman, Fred, Participant
Shulman, Harvey, Participant
Smith, Peggy, Participant
Yost, Jeffrey, Historian


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, CA, USA


26 p.




Ross, James; Sales tax; Section 1706; Shulman, Fred; Shulman, Harvey; Smith, Peggy; Software Contracting Businesses Association (SCBA); ADAPSO; Cassell, Dave; Chamberlain, John; Conferences; Courtney, Jack; Cronister-Ross, Jane; Ethics Rules; Evans, Randal; Gentry, Grace; Gentry, Richard; Grad, Burt; Greenburg, Dan; Hahn, Jonathan; Hicks, David; Immigration Rules; Independent Computer Contractors Association (ICCA); IRS Audits; Johnson, Luanne; Kenda, Steve; Legal Defense Fund; Lobbying at State and Federal Levels; Membership Criteria; Membership Dues; Murphy, Phyliss; NACCB; NACCB Chapters; National Technical Services Association (NTSA); Nordemo, Bjorn Einar; O'Donohue, Tom; Operating Survey; Overtime Payment; Regional Chapters

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Industry Group

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