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National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB) plenary session : impact of Section 1706

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In a plenary session, all of the participants discussed how Section 1706 triggered the formation of NACCB, how the law came to be passed and what impact it had on the various broker businesses. The participants explained the IRS rules for independent contractors and how the Safe Harbor provision avoided any concern for these rules by the broker firms prior to Section 1706 becoming the law in 1986. The NACCB came into existence as an owner driven organization after the advent of Section 1706. It continued to operate with little paid staff for a number of years, but broadened its activities into other areas to support its members.




Bugos, Glenn, Historian
Cassell, David R., Participant
Chamberlain, John W., Participant
Cronister-Ross, Jane, Participant
Evans, Randal, Participant
Gentry, Grace, Participant
Gentry, Grace, Editor
Gentry, Richard, Participant
Grad, Burt, Moderator; Editor
Greenburg, Dan, Participant
Hahn, Jonathan, Participant
Hicks, David, Participant
Johnson, Luanne, Participant
Kenda, Steve, Participant
Murphy, Phyliss, Participant
Nordemo, Bjorn Einar, Participant
Roberts, Mark, Participant
Ross, James, Participant
Shulman, Fred, Participant
Shulman, Harvey, Participant
Smith, Peggy, Participant
Yost, Jeffrey, Historian


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


26 p.




ADAPSO; Cassell, Dave; Chamberlain, John; Courtney, Jack; Cronister-Ross, Jane; Customer Contracts; Evans, Randal; Gentry, Richard; Gentry, Grace; Grad, Burt; Greenburg, Dan; Hahn, Jonathan; Hicks, David; Independent Computer Contractors Association (ICCA); independent contractor; IRS 20 Point Checklist; IRS Audits; Johnson, Luanne; Kenda, Steve; Mason, Kent; Moynihan, Senator Patrick; Murphy, Phyliss; NACCB; National Technical Services Association (NTSA); Nordemo, Bjorn Einar; O'Donohue, Tom; Regional Chapters; Roberts, Mark; Ross, James; Safe Harbor Provision; Section 1706; Shulman, Fred; Shulman, Harvey; Smith, Peggy; Software Consultant Brokerage Association (SCBA); Software Contracting Businesses Association (SCBA)

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Industry Group

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