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Elektronika 100-25 minicomputer and disk controller

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1980 ca.


Electronic Computer and Control Machines Plant (VUM), Kiev

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 376.92.33 Hand written on label on left front rack - accession number.
Other number CM 1630 Label on unit in left column
Other number K 7067 On units in left and center column


overall: 71 1/4 in x 64 in x 32 3/4 in


Object is a 16 bit minicomputer and disk drives in a triple rack cabinet. Computer in the middle of the right rack is an Elektronika 100-25. There is a disk controller in the left rack and a number of IBM 5440 equivalent cartridge disk drives below. These cartridge disk drives were made by company ISOT in Bulgaria. The CPU is a replica of a Unibus PDP11, made in the USSR. The upper device in the middle rack is a service unit for the disk drives. Below there are two SM5400 disk drives, made by company ISOT in Bulgaria: each contains a removable disk (and optional a hard disk on the same axle), each with 4,5 MByte capacity. The upper device in the right rack is a tape drive SM5300.01, made by company ISOT in Bulgaria. It handles 1/2" magnetic tapes with 800 bpi at 9 tracks, around 11 MByte per tape.

The two lower units (K7076) in the left and middle rack are graphic controllers, made by company Robotron in the GDR.


Digital computer/minicomputer

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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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