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Paris, France

Identifying Numbers

Other number 120165.Z2 Printed on the plastic front surface of the removable plugboard
Other number Computer Museum Aachen deprecated registration number, hand written on a paper label affixed to the left side of the desk
Other number Inv. Nr. 571/G/0009678 Typed onto a stick on label on the top left side of the desk. The label is identified as "Technische Hochschule Ilmenau"
Other number No 244150 Stamped into metal tag riveted to the wall of the card input bin
Other number No 244150 Stamped into metal tag affixed to the front of the desk just under the numeric keypad
Other number No 506801 Stamped into metal tag riveted to the frame of the removable plug board


overall: 39 in x 46 1/4 in x 31 in


The object is a keypunch in a metal desk cabinet with a wooden desk surface. There is also a folding "gate leg" wooden extension to the desk top on the left side. The keyboard is above the wooden surface, in the middle of the desk with a numeric keypad to its right. The card input bin is above the numeric keypad, while the punched card output bin is out to the left. The entire top cover hinges up to reveal a program card mechanism and a relay plugboard, as well as the card transport and punch mechanics. There is a 20 by 26 removable plugboard on the left back of the cabinet. Two power cords come out the right side of the object. One has no connector and the other has a European style grounded plug. There is an apparently added-on and home-made foot switch on a long wire emanating from the side of the keyboard.


I/O/punched card

Collection Title

SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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