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System 300

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Identifying Numbers

Other number CMA accession number written in felt pen on back door.
Other number 70650 Stamped on a metal label inside top center of frame.
Other number 71044 Stamped on metal label on bracket attached to inside of top frame.
Other number S 26212-K9003 Printed on Siemens label on bracket attached to inside top frame.'Leerschrank m. Erganz.'
Other number S 26251-H9001 Printed on a Siemens label inside top center of frame. '301 Zentraleinh. 4K' is attached to printed number.


overall: 71 1/8 in x 55 1/4 in x 23 in


The object consists of two large racks which appear to be the same. They have removable covers front and back with keylock latches. There are no keys available. The back panel of the left rack and the front panel of the right rack are not latched, and must be strapped in place. There is an end panel on the left side of the left rack, mounted with bolts. The right side of the right rack is open, possibly to be installed adjacent to additional racks. There are several cables with connectors on their ends dangling from this open right side. The racks do not seem to be physically attached, but there are several cables connecting one to the other. Each rack contains a control panel near the top with switches and lights, suggestive of a 24-bit minicomputer. Below the control panel are several banks of card cages full of electronic modules and with wire-wrapped backplanes. The rear half of these card cages are mounted on a gate which swings open to the rear for access. At the bottom of each rack is a power supply which uses 380 VAC 3-phase input power.


Digital computer/mainframe

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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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