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LKL 720 card reader

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Physical object


This is a rectangular box with the card input/output components on the top, along with a vertical control panel behind them. The control panel has eight rectangular buttons within black lettering on white plastic. The legends on the buttons are printed in German. The text on all visible components inside the object are printed in English, with the exception of one German warning label. Computer Peripherals Inc. made some of the interior parts. A 12 gauge, 5 conductor power cable, a 5 conductor shielded cable, and a ground wire extend out the bottom left side. Inside the left rear door there is a zip-lock bag containing a form with "Control Data Corporation Field Change Order Log" printed on it, a booklet with "Telefunken Computer" printed on it, along with "1850" and "LKL 720" printed on it, along with other German text; the booklet is printed in German. The booklet has several punch cards, some of which are printed in German. The booklet has a number of entries; the last entry was added in 1984. There is also a computer printout inside the bag.



Identifying Numbers

Model number TELEFUNKEN LKL 720 Front on the top right side
Other number 1850 Black on yellow stickers below the model number on the front.
Other number 389.97.38.10 Paper label on right side of the artifact; "Computer Museumn Aachen deprecated registration number"


overall: 46 1/2 in x 57 in x 33 in


I/O/punched card

Collection Title

SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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