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37G teletypewriter

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Physical object


This object consists of an oak desk with a 37G teletypewriter installed in it and a hinged cover. There is teletype paper on the teletype spool. There is also a paper tape punch with a spool of blank tape, and a switch to operate an interior light. "Blattschreiber" is printed on the tag on the typewriter chassis. There is a tambour door to cover the keyboard. On the right side, there is a removable cover over a dialing unit and 2 red and 2 white buttons. Below the dialing unit is a pullout work surface, below that is a tambour door that is locked. To the rear of the tambour door at the right front is a removable back panel that contains an unknown unit at center height, and 5 relays at the bottom. In a poly bag is a material cover, 2 instruction labels in German, 3 plug units (1 red, 1 white, 1 green), and a yellow Computer Museum Aachen label.



Identifying Numbers

Other number 388.97.37.25 Computer Museum Aachen deprecated registration number on a label affixed to the footboard
Other number 408 On wooden slot and the drawer that is inserted into it
Other number 5681 Embossed into the metal on the left side of the typewriter unit
Other number F - Nr. 2H 8812/1.5 On metal tag on the typewriter chassis
Other number Typ.37g Possibly the model number printed on the metal tag on the typewriter chassis


overall: 42 in x 36 1/8 in x 31 1/2 in



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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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