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Z23 logic cabinet

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The object is a large steel cabinet with sliver and black aluminium tambour doors. Three fans extend out of the top of the cabinet with inlet vents on the back.
The interior has 6 modular power supplies on top (numbered 1 through 5 and "netzuberwachung") that plug into the back along with two loose empty boxes of unknown purpose to their right.
The bottom has two fan-folded gates, one in front of the other, each with two racks of 8 rows for logic cards (partially populated, with at least one core memory module).


1961 ca.



Identifying Numbers

Serial number 101039 50 Typed onto silver label at top center of front logic gate
Serial number 2755117 Stamped on variable power supply#3 metal name tag side on right
Serial number 2787 Stamped on power supply#4 metal name tag
Serial number 2848 Stamped on power supply#5 metal name tag
Serial number 2892 Stamped on power supply#2 metal name tag
Serial number 2897 Atamped on power supply#1 metal name tag
Serial number 3006 Stamped on power supply#3 metal name tag


overall: 63 3/4 in x 51 3/4 in x 29 1/2 in


Digital computer/mainframe

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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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