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Accounting machine (Machines de Comptabilite a Cartes Perforees)

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Bull Company

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 571/6/00096/3 Typed on a yellow decal on top rear of left (probably an inventory number for the Technische Hochschul)
Other number 601577 Stamped on a metal nametag on front right side
Other number 765 Stenciled in red paint on the back of the object


overall: 52 1/2 in x 70 1/2 in x 31 3/4 in


Card reader/Printer/Calculator made by Bull, but with German labelled controls. The left side holds a programming plugboard and two cable connector sockets on the back. The front has a control panel with 18 rocker switches labelled in German. The center is a 96 column drum printer. The right side has a vertical stack card reader on top, 3 rocker switches to control it in the center, and the card hopper at the bottom. Internally, there are 4 hinged gates. The front gate is mostly populated with what appears to be pluggable relays. There are no elecctronics beyond motors, switches, and relays.


I/O/punched card device

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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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