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Monsoon Prototype

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Physical object


ca. 1988


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Laboratory for Computer Science


overall: 33 1/2 in x 23 5/8 in x 36 in


The object is the prototype for the MIT Monsoon Computer. It consists of a short 19" rack with a glass front door and metal rear door, both with key latches. At the top of the rack is a 5V, 90A Lambda power supply. Near the bottom of the rack is a chassis with a loose cover. The chassis encloses a single wirewraped prototype board measuring 23 by 14 inches. The board is loaded with numerous dip ICs and two large BIT chips. A smaller wirewrapped prototype board is connected to the main board with a rainbow ribbon cable.

There are two empty panels which can cover the empty space at the front of the rack. They are currently missing their mounting screws.

There are 2 log books which are dated in 1988 and 1989 in the cabinet; they contain test records and circuit diagrams.


Digital computer/supercomputer