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Logic module

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This is a logic module with a light green substrate and a raised black metal edge at the removal end. The face of the metal edge contains the numbers 1 2 4 8, each seperated by a red light. "Zust VGL" is printed below the numbers. There are also two stickers. The obverse side has several components and is divided into six rows by yellow metal rails. There is one square inspection stamp in the fifth row, which reads "148". On the reverse side there is a printed circuit, and one small black inspection stamp in the top removal-end corner. There are also three yellow wires and two small green wires running accross the circuit. At the removal-end the black edge is held in place by five rivets.



Identifying Numbers

Other number 1/42264k1-AZ/11 4/06E Found on gray metal component in right corner of removal end on obverse face
Other number 5483 P49004 Found on white sticker in middle of removal end on obverse face
Other number 71 Found in insertion end left corner on obverse face
Other number N-Sali 22.1003.937-01DVB/A Found printed in silver in upper left corner of removal end on obverse face
Part number N-SAL 1/1 22.1003.993-00 Found on white sticker on the obverse face at removal end of module


overall: 7 1/2 in x 8 1/2 in



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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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