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Fernschreiber 100 teletype

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The object is a large central machine that appears to be an electric typewriter. It has a basic QWERTY style keyboard with an unusual three-piece space bar and a specialized white button in place of the return key. There are positions for six additional switches on the vertical face above the keyboard, with three of the populated. These switches are labeled with icons. The paper handling mechanism on the top of the machine provides spools for rolled paper, 8.5 inches wide with sprocket holes within that width. The top cover hinges up to open and is released via two push buttons on either side. A small sample of the paper remains wraped around the platten inside. There is a mechanism appended to the left side that seems to be a paper tape punch. It has four push-buttons, one labeled L, one labeled R and the other two marked with icons. It contains the remains of a roll of unpunched paper tape. There is a mechanism appended to the right side which appears to be a paper tape reader. It has two push-buttons, both labeled with icons. There are three attached cables. One is a power cord configured with a standard 2-pin European power plug labeled 10A/220V.. Power: 220V~ A second cable is a data cable with a metal-enclosed 16-pin connector that has a spring-loaded mechanical release. The third cable is unknown and has a specialized 4-conductor coaxial connector.



Identifying Numbers

Other number F.-Nr. 2X134397 Probable serial number, printed on the name tag on the back of the machine
Other number Fs Sk 2186/1 First id number under the Fernschreiber 100 on the name tag on the back of the machine
Other number Mannesman Mcihlhen Handwritten with black marker on the metal paper guide on top of the machine


overall: 12 in x 15 in x 24 in; overall: 14 in x 20 1/4 in x 24 in


I/O/terminal / teletype

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SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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