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Ledger machine

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This object consists of a heavy metal frame which supports the actual ledger machine. The machine fits in an opening of the frame; thus operator part of it is above the frame and some of its mechanism extends below the frame. The power supply is mounted to left of the ledger machine below the frame.

The machine itself has two parts: a stationery keyboard and operator's controls, and a moving carriage that supports two platens, one for the account record and one for the audit log. The operators controls consist of mechanical keys placed in seven distinct groups. A standard 43-key (German) keyboard with shift, line feed, and carriage-return keys. To the left of this kneeboard is a column of nine rectangular keys with German inscriptions; two smaller buttons are located below these. A group of three keys and a small lever are located to the left of the group of keys described above and below the keyboard. Each of the keys in this group is labeled with a single letter. Centered below the keyboard is a 12-key numeric keypad. To the right of the keypad there is a group of three keys that have down and left arrows. To the right of these keys there is a group of 20 keys with letters and symbols on them. A small toggle switch is located below these keys. Above these keys, and to the right of the main keyboard, there is a group of ten numeric keys arranged in two columns.

Toward the right end of the operator's controls but mounted on the frame are two toggle switches. One of these is labeled 'Vorsteck' and the other is labeled 'Maschine.' The switch positions both have an 'E' to their left and an 'A' to their right.

On the lower half of the power supply starting from the left there are a pilot light and a fuse holder. Below this row a two-pin electrical connector and two more fuse holders are mounted. Separating the two rows is a label describing the function of each of these components.

A blank panel with a round hole on the machine right side (from the front) is attached to the upper part of the frame; the hole appears to provide access to the carriage positioning mechanism.

This object is associated with a bottom cover made of some composite material and a flexible plastic top cover; these are catalogued separately.



Place Manufactured

Cologne, Germany

Identifying Numbers

Other number 96436 Stamped on a metal plate attached to the back-right framework; in English it means 'Machine Number.'


overall: 38 in x 31 1/2 in x 31 in



Collection Title

SAP Collection


SAP Collection, Computer History Museum

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