Artifact Details


Printed circuit board

Catalog Number



Physical object


Unit consists of 2 large printed circuit boards in a heavy iron frame. The board nearer the extraction end has 14 large heatsinks and appears to be the power supply. The inner board has 24 gold heatsinks and a large array of support chips with black heatsinks. There are extensive manually applied engineering changees in the form of fine red and white wire.


Convex Computer

Identifying Numbers

Other number 411-000282-500P2 Stamped on bottom
Other number 500-009247-200 On small white sticker on end with extracter levers
Other number PR443 On small white sticker on end with extracter levers
Serial number 1053711 White label on daughter board
Serial number 1054126 On circuit board near extracter levers
Serial number 1072760 Barcode on side on end with extracter levers


overall: 1 1/2 in x 19 1/2 in x 42 1/4 in


Component/circuit board