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Microcomputer reports; Information security

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Reports on Microcomputers, International: Expansion Cards CM17; Mass Storage CM19; Software CM21; Communications CM23; Input Devices CM25; Miscellaneous CM27; Glossary CM33; Directory of Vendors CM37; Software Testing Procedures CM41; Word Processing CM43; Data Management CM45; Spreadsheets & Financial Planning Systems CM47; Integrated Software CM49; Graphics CM51; Communications Software CM53; System Software CM55; Complementary Software CM57(some reports labelled Environments/Utilities); Project Management CM59; Intelligent Links CM61; Directory of Vendors CM97; Newsletters CM99; "International Newsletter"; "Rapport" newsletter. [Note: International edition reports are usually marked "International." Reports not so marked but filed in binders labelled "International" by the dionors are included here.] Reports on Information Security: Contents, Highlights, Index; Glossary; "Security Matters!"; Data/Voice Communications Security 6000; Operating System Security 7000; PC & Workstation Security 8000; Trends & Issues 1000; Standards 2000; Planning 3000; Risk Management 3200; EDP Auditing 3500; Business Continuity Planning 4000; Enterprise & Network Security 5000; Database & Specialized Systems Security 5800; Glossary IS07; Concepts & Issues IS09; Planning IS15; Risk Analysis IS20; Microcomputer Security IS30,IS31; Network Security IS35; Network Access Control IS36; Data/Voice Communications IS37; Disaster Avoidance IS38, IS39; Hot Sites, Cold Sites and Off-Site Storage IS39; Physical Security IS40, IS41; Midrange & Large Systems Security 9000, 9100; Host Access Control IS52; Operating System Security IS56; EDP Auditing IS60, IS61; Specialized Systems & Applications IS70, IS71, IS76, IS80.




Datapro Research Group



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