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MUX 2000 system in operation

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Other number #1118 Verso pencil
Other number L -4-6 Verso pencil


overall: 10 in x 8 in


Black and white image a MUX 2000 system . A Security officer is sitting at a console using a telephone . To the left of the DEC system is a large control console with several rows of lights and a series of switches. A label attached " MAINTENANCE FREE OFFICE BUILDING? Not yet. But at Anaheim's new Bank of America building a minicouputer from Digital Equipment Corporation is controlling a system that significantly streamlines the maintenance operation. The mini-based system automatically monitors and regulates equipment that is used for purposes such as building security, fire prevention and temperature control. The system is inexpensive to install. For example, a MUX 2000 system is slated for installation at American Broadcasting Corporation's Century City Entertainment Center in Los Angeles. The system, which will control and monitor all security, fire prevention, heating, air conditioning and ventilating equipment., will require only 3500 feet of 1/4 inch cabling compared with the 250,00 feet normally needed in a 500,000 square foot facitily.




Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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