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Dorothy Denning

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Dorothy Denning has more than 37 years of professional experience, working mainly in the areas of cyber crime and conflict, information warfare and security, and cryptography. She has been a leader in both the academic and industrial worlds, holding such positions as director of the Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance, president of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, and chair of the National Research Council's Forum on Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities.

Much of Dorothy's career in both academia and industry has focused on issues of information security. She has developed courses in information warfare, computer network attacks and defense, codes and ciphers. She has conducted research in cyberterror, terrorist information operations, cyber threats of nations, and computer security deceptions. She has authored four books and more than 120 professional papers. She has testified before Congress on data encryption policy, and has appeared on national and international radio and television-everything from the History Channel to CNN to National Public Radio.




Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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