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Atari 800 system in carrying case

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Atari, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 800
Model number 810 On floppy drive unit.
Model number 850 On junction box.
Model number CA014748 Power supply for peripheral units.
Model number CD61982 Power supply for main computer unit.
Model number CX801 Operating system 10K ROM.
Model number CX853 16 RAM memory module (3).
Model number CXL4002 BASIC computing language module (3 pieces).
Model number CXL4005 Video Easel computer games module.
Model number CXL4006 Super Breakout computer games modules.
Model number CXL4007 Music Composer computer program module.
Model number CXL4011 Star Raider computer games module.
Model number CXL4015 Telelink I computer communications module.
Other number 0 30 0788 Stamped in silver on bottom of the computer unit.
Other number AN002396 Label on underside of junction box unit.
Other number G 030 0788 Rubber stamped on label on underside of computer unit.
Other number WW031/28 Label on underside of computer unit.


overall: 16 in x 22 1/2 in x 10 1/2 in


Object consists of 1 computer/keyboard unit, 1 floppy drive unit, 1 junction box unit, 2 power supplies, 9 plug-in modules, 1 blue fabric foam-lined carrying case. Case has leather label on the top that reads "The Micro Case, the Casemaker", and the leather label on front reads "1975". Junction box unit has on/off power switch, power on LED light, 2 I/O connectors, 4 serial interface connectors, and 1 parallel interface connector.


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop


Gift of Joey Tranchina

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