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UNIVAC photo #2 : researcher in thin-film research laboratory at UNIVAC Engineering Center

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Still image


ca. 1962

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8 x 10 in.


This is a black and white image. The description is typed on a separate piece of paper on the back states: UNIVAC PHOTO #2, C. E. Morris, a technician in the thin-film research laboratory of the new UNIVAC Engineering Center in Whitpain Township, Pa., checks over the results of an experiment in coating techniques. researchers at the Center are investigating the magnetic qualities of various metals when vaporized and then condensed to form a "thin-film" on a glass plate. the hood of the bell chamber, where this vaporization and condensation occurs, has been lifted by the laboratory technician. The 1107 Thin-film Memory Computer has already been announced by UNIVAC, making it the first manufacturer to produce a thin-film memory for commercial use. With this new memory technique, information stored in a computer can be accessed -- that is, withdrawn for use -- in nanoseconds, or billionths of a second, rather than microseconds, or millionths of a second, in other kind of computer memories. For further information: J. D. Wood, Remington Rand Univac, 315 Park Avenue South, New York 10, New York SPring 7-8000, Ext. 326


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David C. Faloon papers

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Gift of Priscilla A. Hare

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