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UNIVAC photo #3 : thin-film memory research

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Still image


ca. 1962


8 x 10 in.


This is a black and white image. The description as typed on the back states: UNIVAC PHOTO #3, Dr. Walter O. Freitag, head of the Materials Development Group at the new UNIVAC Engineering Center in Whitpain Township, Pa., catches his reflection in a circular plate of gold about to "go up in smoke" as part of an experiment in thin-film memories. After being inserted in the spindled stand, the gold plate will be vaporized in a bell chamber and then condensed to form a "thin-film" on a glass plate. Researchers at the new UNIVAC Center are investigating the magnetic qualities of many metals for possible use in computer thin-film memories. This new technique permits information to be accessed -- that is, withdrawn for use -- from a computer much more rapidly than is possible with standard computer core or drum memories. For further information: J. D. Wood, Remington Rand Univac, 315 Park Avenue South, New York 10, New York SPring 7-8000, Ext. 326


Snapshot; Publicity photograph

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David C. Faloon papers

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Gift of Priscilla A. Hare

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