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IBM vs US Govt; Background Materials

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A. Interpretation, Microprogramming, and the Control of a Computer, Flynn, Michael J., Introduction to Computer Architecture, Chicago: Science Research Associates, 1980

Document Titles

B. EMMY: An emulation system for user microprogramming, Flynn, M. J., Neuhauser, C. and McClure, R. M., AFIPS Conference Proceedings, 1975 National Computer Conference, May 19-22, 1975. DGPUBS 1003048-1003052

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C. DELTran Principles of Operation: A Directly Executed Language for Fortran-II, Hoevel, Lee W., Technical Note No. 108, Digital Systems Laboratory, March 1977. Ex. 9789-005 (W. Wallach)

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D. Languages for Direct Execution, Hoevel, Lee W., Preprints, Micro 7 (s.d), Publication was in or before 1975, because this article is cited in DGPUB 1007203, an article from August 1975.

Document Titles

E. The Structure of Directly Executed Languages: A New Theory of Interpretive System Design, Hoevel, Lee W. & Flynn, Michael J., Technical Report No. 130, Digital Systems Laboratory, Stanford Electronics Laboratory. Ex. 9789-006 (W. Wallach)

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F. A Tale of Three Emulators, Hoevel, Lee W. and Wallach, Walter A., Jr., Technical Report No. 98, Digital Systems Laboratory, Stanford Electronics Laboratory, November 1975. Ex. 9789-001 (W. Wallach)

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G. An Emulation Oriented, Dynamic Microprogrammable Processor, Neuhauser, Charles, Technical Note No. 65, Digital Systems Laboratory, Stanford Electronics Laboratory, 25 October 1975. DGPUB 1058820-1058886

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H. EMMY/360: An Emulation of System/360 for the Stanford EMMY, Wallach, Walter A., Jr., IEEE 11th Annual Microprogramming Workshop, November 1978, Ex. 9789-004 (W. Wallach)

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I. Deposition of Walter A. Wallach, Jr., Oct. 21-22, 1996

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K. Excerpts from U.S. Patent 4,455,602.

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K. U.S. Patent 4,565,797

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L. U.S. Patent 4,661,906

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1980 ca.


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)


From a HUGE binder of photocopied technical papers and depositions from 1980 Federal case, tabbed A thru L


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