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Jaquard Loom and Scheutz difference engine

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8 x 10 in.


B&W. This photograph has two images possibly taken from a book page. The top image is of a Jacquard loom. A man is sitting in the loom with a foot pedal. The porgram cards are mounted on top of the loom. The bottom image is of a Difference engine built by Georg Scheutz.Beside the loom:
"5. Automated loom of Joseph Marie Jacquard. Holes punched in the cards according to the desired pattern allowed hooks to come up and pull down threads of the warp, so that when the shuttle passed through it went over some threads and under others. The device was an immediate success, and by 1812 there were more thn 11,000 Jacquard looms in use in France. (PHOT: IBM)"

"6. Difference engine built in 1853 by Pehr Georg Scheutz of Stockholm. It was exhibited in London in 1854 and subsequently in Paris. In 1856 it was purchased for the Dudley Observatory in Albany, N.Y. An exact duplicate of the machine was used by the Registger-General's office in London to produce the live expectancy tables used for many years by English insurance companies. The photograph is of a replica made for IBM. (PHOT: IBM)"




Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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