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Apple Writer III

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Apple Computer, Inc.

System Requirements

Apple III with minimum 128k RAM; Suitable high-resolution, video display device, such as Monitor III; External disk drive (Disk III or ProFile hard disk); Apple III-compatible printer


5 1/4 inch floppy disk


Package contains additional hand labeled and personally labeled disk. See disk title listing below for details.

Contents: 5 1/4 inch floppy disk (21).

Disk labels:
1) Apple Access III
2 & 3) VisiCalc III
4) VisiCalc Sampler
5) Script III
6) Startup disk
7) Accounts Receivable ARA 1
8) Accounts Receivable ARA 2
9) Accounts Receivable ARA 3
10) On Three Presents Disk of the Month January 1983
11) SOS 1.1 to 1.3 Updater (Bootable)
12) Apple III Disassembler by John Jeppson Boot Disk
13) Apple III Disassembler by John Jeppson Data Disk - Pascal Source Files
14) On Three Presents - Lazarus
15) Apple III DOS to SOS Textfile Converter
16) Apple III Apple-con Converter Applesoft to Business Basic
17) Apple III File Cabinet
18) On Three Disk of the Month June-July 1983
19) Business BASIC .002
20) Business BASIC .003
21) Business BASIC .003 Back-up

Collection Title

CHM packaged software collection

Series Title

Packaged software

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