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KSR-1 supercomputer

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Physical object




Kendall Square Research Corporation (KSR)

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Model number 1-32 Of top unit
Model number 1-32 Of middle unit
Model number 1-470 Of bottom unit
Serial number 00066 Of bottom unit
Serial number 0097 Of top unit
Serial number 119 Of middle unit


overall: 85 in x 54 in x 31 in


The record contains a rack with 8 shelves. For this description, the shelves are numbered with 1 at the bottom, and the distace between shelves 1 and 2 is one unit. Shelves 1 to 4 are empty and have 1 unit high decorative ribbed doors in front. Shelf 5 holds a 4 unit high box with decorative ribbed doors in the front and back. Shelves 6 and 7 hold 1unit high boxes with decorative ribbed doors on the front. The area above shelf 8 is enclosed by several 1 unit high panels. The box on shelf 7 has a black grate behind the front door. The back of this box has a large cable which runs into one of the lower boxes. It also has a red on off switch and a standard female american 3 prong plug. The box from on shelf 6 has several key switches and green lights behind the fron door. The back of this box is exactly the same as the box on shelf 7. The large box above shelf 5 has airfilters behind the front door. The back of this box has two rows of numbered rectangular slots. Two of the slots have connectors of various types.

On the front, the panel above shelf 8 has a name plate reading Kendall Square Research. On the back a black transulent plastic panel above shelf 8 reads Kendall Square Research. Kendall Square Research is also molded into the plastic grating of the front door above shelf 6.


Digital computer/supercomputer

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