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Silicon Run Video Series

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DVD set includes the Silicon B-Roll, Silicon Run I and Silicon Run II.

Label on verso of tape box: "Silicon Run, the first film of a two-part educational series on integrated circuits, was produced by Ruth Carranza in collaboration with the Center for Integrated Systems at Stanford University. This award winning 30 minute video uses live manufacturing footage, animation, and special effects to provide a clear overview of the manufacturing process of integrated circuts. The following topics are included: Crystal Growth, Silicon Structure, Effect of Doping, Wafer slicing, CMOS Transistors, Mask Making, IC Design, IC Fabrication."

Label on verso of tape box: "Silicon Run II completes a two-part educational series on integrated circuits. This 35 minute video begins where Silicon Run ends, with the fabricated wafer. It uses live manufacutring, animaltion, and special effects to give a clear overview of the back-end processes used in manufactureof today's chips and the computers they make possible. The following topics are included: IC Logic, CAD Design, Sorting and Testing, Packaging, PC Board Desing and Assembly, System Assembly, SOftware, Computer Structure, Signal Integrity, Multichip Technology."

These two videos provide an in-depth, step by step look at how integrated circuits are fabricated and assembled into the computers of today. Live industrial footage, microscopic filming, device animation, and special effects are used to make coplex processes understandable.


1986 ca.


Carranza, Ruth


Ruth Carranza Production

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Digital Video Disc (DVD)


Training; Educational; Instructional

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