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Silicon Valley: The Future of the Future, lecture by Dr. Curtis Carlson et al.

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Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, CA, US




From website " Silicon Valley has produced three incredible generations of technology -- semiconductors, personal computers, and the Internet. We know Silicon Valley version 4.0 is coming our way. But what will it be? Will it be nano? Bio? The Internet 2? The re-emergence of eCommerce? Or something else?

How will the fuel of innovation -- venture capital funding -- and the IPO models of the past change for version 4.0?

The Churchill Club and Garage Technology Ventures brought together key Silicon Valley thought-leaders to discuss and debate these very questions at Silicon Valley 4.0: The Future of the Future, a one-day conference on Tuesday, October 7, 2003, at the new Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.

Silicon Valley 4.0 was a conference with a new attitude: optimistic and confident in the Valley's future. Silicon Valley 4.0 was a unique gathering of industry leaders past, present and future who explored the "next big thing" - prognosticating what it will be, who it will come from, how it will be financed, and how it will be different than the "last big thing."

* Dr. Curtis Carlson
* Joseph Chamie
* Judy Estrin
* Irwin Federman
* John Freund
* Aaron Gershenberg
* Jeff Hawkins
* Craig Johnson
* Steve Jurvetson
* Geoffrey Moore
* Michael Moritz
* Gerry Purdy
* Bill Reichert
* Janice Roberts
* Sandy Robertson
* Heidi Roizen
* Ted Schlein
* Eric Schmidt
* John Sculley
* John Toole
* Les Vadasz
* Robin Weiss
* Ann Winblad
* Magdalena Yesil



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