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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Conference on the History of Scientific and Numeric Computation

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First speaker on the tape labeled "ACM Camera 1, Reel 1" mentioned that this conference was the second in an ACM series on the history of computing. The first was held in Palo Alto, CA and was a conference on the history of personal workstations. There were two cameras used to film the same conference from different vantage points. Each camera captured 20 reels of footage, resulting in 40 reels total. Brief playback of the tape labeled "ACM Camera 2, Reel 1" indicated a problem with the tape. Video playback was wavy and the machine playing the tape generated a whining noise. Tape labeled "ACM Camera 2, Reel 4" had a sticker on the plastic housing with a note that read, "This tape is defective! The master tape has dropout in the vertical interval."


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

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Princeton, NJ, US