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ACM SIGGRAPH '88: Exhibition of Computer Art - Catalog of Interactive Installations and Video

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From tape label: "Interactive Installations: 1. Very Nervous System (Rokeby) 2. Self Search (Axelrad) 3. Plasm: A Nano Sample (Myers, Broadwell, Manolis) 4. Videoplace '88 (Krueger) 5. Interactive Video Kaleidoscope (Sims, Watlington) 6. Lego/Logo (Conn, MIT Media Lab) 7. Word Processor, Birdcage (Rath) 8. The Interactive Image (EVL/UIC)/ Video: 1. Countdown (Foltz) 2. Jabjabland (Debuchi) 3. Polly Gone (Lake) 4. Eclipse (Hirata) 5. Looking In (Caldwell) 6. Deltoid...A Drinking Man" (Banchero) 6. Bau (Ono) 7. Fractal Fantasy (Brinsmead) 8. Open School/Computer Animation (Conn) 9. Oh, Atsimenu Nameli (Wilson) 10. Urban Memories (Hahn) 11. Thundering Scream of the Seraphim's Delight (Weidenaar)"

The Interactive Installations segments are from SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #40. The Video segments are from SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #41.

"Oh, Atsimenu Nameli" translates to "Oh, I Remember The House I Was Born In" according to Leslie Wilson's online resume at: [accessed 2009-07-13]


1988 ca.


Weidenaar, Reynold; Rokeby, David; Axelrad, Stephen; Myers, Rob; Broadwell, Peter; Manolis, Eva; Krueger, Myron W.; Watlington, John; Sims, Karl; Rath, Alan; Electronic Visualization Laboratory, UIC; Foltz; Debuchi, Ryoichiro; Lake, Shelley; Hirata, Kenji; Caldwell, Craig; Banchero; Ono; Brinsmead, Duncan; Wilson, Leslie; Hahn, Alexander


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH

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