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Zero Tolerance

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Accolade, Inc.


35mm slide (mounted)


"Zero Tolerance" (3 slides): was an FPS (first-person shooter) video game developed for the Sega Genesis by Technopop, Inc. and published in 1994 by Accolade, Inc. It supported linked multiplayer by use of a special link cable that connected to the second controller port on the Genesis. This allowed players to play cooperatively through the single-player campaign.

"Beyond Zero Tolerance" (8 slides): is the sequel to the game "Zero Tolerance", but was never finished or released. This slide set contains some character and level concept art, as well as a gameplay screenshot from the beta version of the game.

"Zero Tolerance" (Beta): 8 slides, 4 duplicates.

Developer Technopop, Inc. was the first independent game developer for the Sega Genesis. "The Zero Tolerance" ROM image and the "Beyond Zero Tolerance" Beta ROM image have been made freely available online by Randel Reiss, the founder of Technopop, Inc. and the owner of the "Zero Tolerance" copyright and trademark.


Gift of Joyce Worley Katz

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