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How the E-Memory revolution will change everything, lecture by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell

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Bell, Gordon C.; Gemmell, Jim


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, CA, US





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From abstract: "What if you could remember everything? Join Jim Gemmell and Gordon Bell as they discuss their new book, “Total Recall – How the E-Memory Revolution will Change Everything.” Bell and Gemmell will draw on their experience from the MyLifeBits project at Microsoft Research to explain the benefits that will come from an earth-shaking and inevitable increase in e-memories.

In 1998, Gordon Bell, began to digitally record as much of his life as possible. Photos, letters, and memorabilia were scanned. Everything he did on his computer was captured. Real time capture of photos, bio-metric data, and phone calls were added.. This experiment – and the system Gemmell designed to support it – put the authors at the center of a movement to understand the creation, use and value of e-memories.

Three streams of technology feed the growing Total Recall revolution — digital recording, digital storage, and digital search. We are capturing and storing so much of our lives now, from the date- and location-stamped photos we take with our smart phones to the continuous records we have of our emails, instant messages, and tweets — not to mention the GPS tracking of our movements smart phones and some cars do automatically. However, the critical technology is to data mine our past, so that we can, for example, chart how much exercise we have been doing now in comparison with what we did four years ago.

The authors will discuss how Total Recall provides a glimpse of the near future and what this means for you as a member of the digital society. Imagine heart monitors woven into your clothes and tiny wearable audio and visual recorders automatically capturing what you see and hear. The range of potential insights is truly awesome.

Gemmell and Bell will also provide their perspectives on how you can begin to take better advantage of this new technology right now. This is a presentation you don’t want to miss to truly grasp the turning point in human knowledge. Bell, Gemmell and their book Total Recall represent a technological revolution that will accomplish nothing less than a transformation in the way humans think about the meaning of their lives. "



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