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CAD/CAM at Boeing, What is a computer?

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Boeing Aircraft Company




overall: 10 1/2 in


16mm film


This compilation film contains excerpts from various Boeing promotional films. The first portion focuses on CAD/CAM use in the Boeing 757 development program, and includes footage of a 757 cockpit simulator (1980 ca.). At 00:05:40, the IBM 4341 is shown and the Tiger Interactive Graphics Engineering Resource is discussed (1970 ca.). At 00:16:50, the VEGA IIIG CNC computer-aided inspection system is shown in silent footage, followed by more footage of the 757 cockpit simulator. The remainder of the film alternates between b-roll footage of the above technologies. This portion of the film has a runtime of approximately 00:26:00.

The second portion of this film (beginning at 00:26:45) contains the work "What is a computer?" by Encyclopedia Brittanica, which is a basic introduction to the capabilities and uses of computers. This animated film takes a general approach to the topic of computers, and is intended for an audience of young students (1970 ca.). Consists primarily of animated schematic drawings. Beginning with a discussion of the decimal and binary systems, the film covers a wide range of topics including punched card processing, magnetic memory stores, stored programs and basic Boolean logic.