Artifact Details


Paper tape reader

Catalog Number



Physical object


Digitronics Corporation

Place Manufactured

Albertson, N.Y., U.S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 3500 On label inside back of face plate
Other number 128-1A-2A-3B-5-6A2-6B2-6B1-8A-9A On label inside back of face plate
Serial number 2310 On label inside back of face plate


overall: 8 in x 26 1/2 in x 14 in


Object is a paper tape reader assembly comprising chassis bearing electronics and face plate bearing tape reader mechanism (but no take-up reels evident). "April 4, 1966" printed on back of front panel. Object encased in fitted wooden box which appears to be a shipping container. On cover of box is written "Digitronics CARD READER" however the read mechanism has a capstan and idler rollers suitable for paper tape and does not look like it would accept cards of any kind.


I/O/paper tape