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LLNL Computer Museum - IBM Photo Digital Storage System

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Color image from LLNL Computer Museum IBM Photo Digital Storage System Exhibit. In the foreground is a display stand. On the bottom shelf is a manual leaning
against two red film cartridge holders. On the second shelf is a cartridge container with several cartridges in front. A yard stick is in the stand with a label " The DIMMICK yard stick used to clear jammed chip boxesin IBM Photostore". A display poster shows a picture of the Photo Digital Store with the caption " IBM Photo Digital Storage System World's largest computer storage device holds more than a trillion bits of information for computer processing - enough data to provide the average reader with nearly 200 years of uninterrupted reading. The system shown, built by IBM for the Atromic Energy Commission installed at the ......" An "OCTUPUS" is sitting on top of the poster. To the rear is a partially shown chart of the "Octupus" system. To the right of the display case is a disk drive.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Livermore, CA, US


overall: 11 in x 8 1/2 in



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