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Schoenberg, Larry (Lawrence J.) oral history

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Grad, Burt, Editor
Grad, Burt, Interviewer
Johnson, Luanne, Interviewer
Johnson, Luanne, Editor
Schoenberg, Lawrence, Interviewee

Computer History Museum

Mountainside, New Jersey

33 p.


Lawrence J. "Larry" Schoenberg reviews the early days of the software industry including the names of early software products, professional services and processing services companies and the names of many of the founders and influential pioneers. He discusses the effect of IBM's unbundling on professional services companies, software products companies, and user companies that had relied on IBM to provide training to their employees. He discusses the impact of the recession in the early 1970s on the growth of the software industry and projects the impact of future trends on the industry.




Software business history; Schoenberg, Lawrence; Schoenberg, Larry; Advanced Computer Techniques Corp. (ACT); Applied Data Research (ADR); Aries; Automatic Data Processing (ADP); Brandon Applied Systems; Computer Applications (CAI); Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); Computer Usage Company (CUC); Computing and Software; DATAMATION; Digitek; Informatics; Matrix; Planning Research Corporation; University Computing; C-E-I-R (Corporation for Economic Industrial Research); Cooper, Charlie; Stat Tab; Carroll, Mike Jr.; Analysts International; GUIDE; SHARE; Nutt, Roy; Jones, Fletcher; FACT compiler; Goetz, Marty; Clancy, Ken; Spalding, Warren; Automation Sciences; AGS Computers; Autoflow; National Computer Analysts (NCA); McCracken, Dan; Opler, Ascher; Mark IV; Comress; SCERT; CACI; SIMSCRIPT; Ferguson, Dave; Programmatics; MetaCOBOL; ROSCOE; librarian; MSA; PMI; Lambda; Pansophic; Brandon, Dick; Diebold, John; Friedman, Norman; Luke, John; Alltax; Argonaut Information Systems; SDA; CGA; IBM unbundling; EDS; Computer Associates

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Oral history collection


Gift of Luanne Johnson

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